F1. Who set the unrestricted indirect cost rate at the time the rates were developed? If we still do not have one, how do we obtain one?

The Texas Education Agency is responsible for setting the unrestricted indirect cost rate (UIDCR). Districts must submit the required documentation to TEA within the required timeframes to obtain a UIDCR.

F2. Who sets the SHARS interim rates used for interim SHARS payments?

HHSC’s Rate Analysis Department (RAD) establishes the SHARS interim rates.

F3. How were the SHARS interim rates developed?

Rates are based on actual costs reported and certified as correct by the districts in the cost report. Total salary information is obtained from the cost report data for all allowable SHARS direct services and transportation.

F4. When are the rates updated?

SHARS interim rates are subject to review by HHSC on a biennial basis and are based on actual cost report data. HHSC may also adjust rates to compensate for anticipated changes in laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, economic factors or implementation of federal or state court orders or settlement agreements.

F5. Where can I locate a listing of modifiers for SHARS?

All the SHARS procedure codes (with modifiers) are available on the current interim rates table, available on the website below.


Modifiers are also referenced throughout the Texas Medicaid Providers Procedure Manual: Children’s Services Handbook (Volume 2) – Section 3, Please visit the website below for further guidance.


F6. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the SHARS interim rates?

You may contact the SHARS Rate Analyst at: (512) 730-7400 or ra_shars@hhsc.state.tx.us