E1. Do school districts need to send a parent notification letter informing parents/guardians of their right to choose a provider?

Schools districts must notify parents of their right to freedom of choice of providers under the Medicaid program (please refer to section 3.2.1 of the TMPPM for more detail). That notification does not have to be a letter or be in writing. Most schools notify parents either through discussions or a written notice during the initial ARD meeting. 11

E2. Who can be a non-school SHARS provider?

If a parent requests a provider other than the employees or currently contracted staff of the school district, provide a required service listed in the student’s IEP, the district must make a good faith effort to comply with the parent’s request. The requested provider must meet, comply with, and provide all the employment criteria and documentation that the SHARS provider normally requires of its employees or currently contracted staff. The district can negotiate the contracted fee with the requested provider and is not required to pay the same fee that the requested provider might receive from Medicaid for similar services.