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Since 1995, T&G Medical Billing, Inc. has partnered with school districts in the state of Texas, who participate in the SHARS program, in the recovery of federal dollars by providing internet-based billing software, Medicaid oversight, compliance training and support tailored to the needs of each district.  A service-oriented company, our goal is to maximize the federal reimbursement potential for the districts we serve.  While all Texas schools are experiencing budget cuts and shortfalls, and state/local funds are dwindling, SHARS dollars can help bridge the gap for needed supplies and services.  Because these federal monies are not earmarked for any specific purpose, the district is allowed to spend these $$ in any way deemed necessary.


Quality control is the utmost priority of our company and for our clients.  Our comprehensive training program, equips your Special Education staff with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions with regard to services they are billing.  With our internet-based software, there are built-in edits to assist service personnel in entering error-free data for submission to Medicaid.  As an additional layer of support, all claims are reviewed for accuracy before they are submitted to Medicaid.  All of these measures help insure information being submitted to Medicaid meets all federal and state regulations.  We utilize the latest cloud-based technology, security techniques and backup to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.  We have a proven track record for excellence and remain committed to the needs of our customers.


Selecting a Medicaid Billing Vendor is an important decision for the SHARS Provider.  You want an experienced company that can provide individual attention, take the time to answer your questions or concerns while at the same time insuring quality and dependability in the handling of your Medicaid claims.  T&G Medical Billing, Inc. is a trustworthy ally in the recovery of these federal dollars for your school district.

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